Website Hosting & Maintenance

Just like a brand new car, your brand new shiny website needs constant attention too. They need plugin and software updates, bug-fixes, hosting, and content updates regularly. The technical aspects of your website need to be cared for just as the technical parts of your car need to be serviced to keep it running smoothly.

Web Hosting

Every website needs website hosting to be displayed on the internet. This allows you to be seen across the world.
We fully manage the space & resources for you for peace of mind.

Website Security

Your website will need to be secured, and just having a strong password won't cut it. Web security is a long and in depth thing that is a priority.

* Additional

Plugin Updates

Your website is made up of several things, one is plugins. Plugins are needed to allow your website to perform different functions. These can sometimes break and cause issues.

1 Hour of Content Updates Free

1 hour of time for adding and tweaking existing content on your website. This can be used for things like adding blogs, new images and tweaking text etc.

* If more time is required, we can arrange this for an extra fee.

Regular WordPress Updates

As well as plugins, the wordpress core and database needs updating. Leave it to us, and if any issues arise, we are notified and get straight to it!. We'll take care of it for you.

Uptime Monitoring

We monitor all our clients websites who are our website maintenance package. If a website goes offline or an issue arises, we are straight on it.

For a small monthly fee, we take care of your website entirely. It’s a stress off of your mind.

With every website we provide, we strongly recommend this service. But, it’s entirely optional. If you’d prefer to save a little by hosting and maintaining your own website that’s cool with us. But, you will definitely need to learn how to maintain your website to ensure it doesn’t break as a result of updates or become vulnerable to hackers if security issues arise.

Our website maintenance is a highly cost effective price, starting at £45/month. This price can vary depending on the size of your website, the amount of maintenance it requires and how much of our designers / developers / copywriters time you’d like to reserve each month to add new blogs, update content and images etc.

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