UK Dedicated Servers

Fully managed, high-spec dedicated servers deployed on our gigabit network, backed by our superior UK support.

Ready within 24 hours (usually same day!)

Deploy today from:


Includes: Our professional server Management Service.
(Plus, a FREE .uk domain for lifetime of the server)

Dell Enterprise Grade Servers

2 x 960GB SSD (RAID 1)

Upgradable to 2 x 3.84TB SSD

2 x Xeon E5 CPU

1Gbps network

Private VLAN available


Upgradable to 96GB

Server control actions

Server Management & Backup Options

Server Management

All servers are fully managed and maintained by our professional team.

What we support:

All our dedicated servers are deployed with our managed server plan as standard, which means you get full piece-of-mind with any server purchase. This includes ensuring that your server is online and reachable as well as assistance with major issues and advice on resource usage, plus all the following:

* Initial configuration of Apache/PHP.
* System Updates/Patches.
* Monitoring and proactive support for critical software services.

Server Backups

Dedicated servers don’t include backups as standard, but we have the following solutions available:

Backups Pro
Only £40/month

Powered by JetBackups, get peace-of-mind with daily backups of your entire server

* Backups every: 24 hours
* Backups stored: 30
* Powered by JetBackups

Backups Premium
Only £60/month

Backups taken more frequently and 6 x as many snapshots stored vs Backups Pro.

* Backups every: 4 hours
* Backups stored: 180
* Powered by JetBackups

Backup Server

Your own dedicated storage server to be used for backups or shared storage, with private networking between your dedicated server(s) and the storage server

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